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Our design office specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative, reliable and robust equipment to meet your needs. 

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  • Precision

  • Repeatability 

  • Rigidity

  • Productivity

Automation robot


  • Robotics integration

  • Special machines

  • Retrofitting

Banc de tests fatigue mecanique


  • Mechanical fatigue

  • Traction - Compression 

  • Rotation - Torsion

Appareil de mesure et de contrôle


  • Torque

  • Force

  • Production control



  • Appearance control

  • Dimensional inspection

  • Assembly control

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  • Intervention within 48 hours

Our sectors of activity

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Efficiency at your service

With years of expertise and experience, Centagora is proud to be considered a leader in the production of special equipment.


Every decision we make is in line with our core mission, which is to provide the best products and services to our customers.


Our technical office offers you innovative, reliable and robust products.

In this constantly evolving sector, we have realised the importance of evolving our approach in order to remain competitive. We are committed to doing so.

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Contact us

Customer welcome

Rue du Pré-Jorat 28, 2108 Couvet, Suisse

Head office 

Rue de l'Hôpital 33, 2114 Fleurier, Suisse

+41 32 857 27 77

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