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EMC21: Bienvenue
EMC 21
Centre d'usinage EMC 21, equipement dedie aux microtechniques
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3/5-axis machining centre
Linear motors


The EMC 21 cell

High resolution +/- 0.0002 mm

Acceleration up to 2G

40 metres/minute travel

40-position HSK32 tool changer

50,000 rpm spindle, centre coolant (80 bar)

Fanuc 31iB5 + iHMI integration

Fanuc LR200-iD4S robotisation

Centre d'usinage
Centre d'usinage
Centre d'usinage

Ultra precise

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Axial positioning

Resolution: 0.02 µm

Repeatability: 0.2 µm


Axis servo-controlled by linear motors

Feed speed: 40 m/min

Acceleration: 2G

Perfect machining circularity


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Special frame

  • Solid 3-point self-supporting parallelepiped forming the structural base of the runners

  • Stabilised, hand-scraped cast iron

  • Increased rigidity

  • Total absence of vibration

  • High roughing capacity

    • High throughput

    • High feed per tooth

High frequency spindle


Specially developed for Centagora

  • Maximum speed: 50,000 rpm

  • Spindle power: 7.5 kW

  • Tool holders: HSK25 / HSK 32 / ISO 25

  • Lubrication: Central spraying 120 bar

    • Compatibility of latest technology tools with central lubrication ​

    • Optimising chip ejection 

    • Breaking the burr 

High-performance tool magazine

  • Capacity: 40 tools

  • Compatibility: HSK25 / HSK 32 / ISO 25

Chip-to-chip tool change time

  • Single-spindle: 4 seconds

  • Dual-pin: less than 1 second 


  • Easy access to component loading 

  • Perfect visibility of the machining surface

  • 180° control movement

  • Intuitive human-machine interface

  • Roughing function - integrated finishing

    • Optimisation of trajectory and speed parameters according to the desired operation


4-5 simultaneous axis module

Solution upgradeable to 5 simultaneous axes by adding a globoid cam splitter developed by Centagora.


Characteristics of a and b axes  

  • Angular speed: 485°/sec

  • Constant torque: 200 Nm

  • Angular accuracy: ± 2.5 arc sec

  • Repeatability a and b: less than ± 0.5 arc sec

  • Total absence of vibration

  • Angular travel of axis b: - 45° + 90

  • Angular travel of axis a: ± infinite

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OPT-080-5800 12_edited.png

Globoid cam splitter


Adjustable preload for extremely high torque and positioning accuracy.

Particularly rigid construction guarantees optimum performance and high dynamics.

Dual Pin Module

Increase productivity by adding an additional spindle

  • Tool change time reduced from 4 to 1 second

  • Doubled tool capacity: from 40 to 80 tools available

Hirschi_Centagora__CST2235840-1 mod_edit

Sprinkler unit

Automatic watering and filtration system using 5-micron paper web with integrated heat exchanger.


Configuration available:

  • 6 bar satellite tank

  • 100 bar high-pressure satellite tank with 3-micron filtration


Capacity: 200 litres

Accessibility: front or rear of equipment depending on local customer configuration.

EMC 21 : Caractéristiques


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