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Banc de tests: Bienvenue

Test benches

- Ageing and mechanical fatigue -

Banc de tests: Articles
Flexilab banc de test

Ultra flexible bench

Rotational and traction-compression ageing

Staplab 3 têtes

Test bench

Tensile-torsional ageing

Winding Lab

Test bench

Modular armouring bench for all types of crowns

Vimo PC banc de test multi positions

Multi-position bench

Rotational ageing

Vico Servo

Test bench

Ageing in tension - compression

Vico Servo Spin

Multi-position bench

Rotational and Traction-Compression ageing

Gyrolab banc simulateur de portée

Range simulator

Faithful reproduction of the automatic winding of the watch movement

Machine de tests aux chocs

Shock testing machine

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