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QR Code Reader - Datamatrix

Lecteur Datamatrix: Bienvenue


This device allows to instantly read any type of QR codes, datamatrix, barcodes, etc.

​These values will be directly exported to ERP or GPAO system according to specifications.

Lecteur Datamatrix: Bienvenue

An indexed drawer can accommodate a tray of several components.

A shower allows the user to read a tray number or O. F. (Manufacturing Order) which will be linked to the reading of the different barcodes.

Datamatrix 2.jpg
Lecteur Datamatrix: Bienvenue
Datamatrix 5.jpg

The user simply pushes the drawer and instantly reads all the QR codes and barcodes on the tray.

Lecteur Datamatrix: Bienvenue

A screen indicates directly to the user whether the playback has been completed correctly.

Lecteur Datamatrix: Bienvenue

The operation is ultra-simple and allows instant reading and export of 20 barcodes in less than 5 seconds.

Lecteur Datamatrix: Bienvenue


Lecteur Datamatrix: Articles

Controlled area: 315 x 265 mm

Playback time: 4 seconds

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