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Vico Servo

Tension and compression test bench

Multi-position device for carrying out all accelerated ageing tests based on the traction or pressure of an element (stem, crown, push button, etc).

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Rotating base to accommodate the movement to be tested

  • Dedicated tooling makes set-up easy.

  • The various positions to be reached are taught manually.

  • Set-up is intuitive and quick.

  • SERVO V4.0 software can be used to create test recipes dedicated to each station.

  • Access is via a web interface (internet browser). No software installation is required (PC, MAC, Linux compatible).

  • On-board intelligence eliminates any disruption caused by network or PC updates or downtime.

  • Characterisation of the linear axes enables the user to acquire force values during the ageing cycle.

  • This enables the wear trend to be interpreted.

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Vico Servo: Articles

Linear axes

Linear positioning accuracy: ± 10 µm
Linear positioning resolution: 1 µm
Stroke: 30 mm
Nominal force: 20 N
Peak force: 40 N
Peak force: 60 N
Accuracy: ± 0.5 N
Sampling: 0.002 sec
Angular positioning: ± 0.5

Bases rotatives

Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation: 360
Angular accuracy: ± 0.05

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