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Inspection of torque screwdrivers
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This product guarantees easy use for measuring and controlling torque of torque wrenches.

The special design allows the user to manually reproduce the actuating torque of the screwdrivers under the same conditions as on his workbench.


Intuitive interface

Graph display of measured values (Torque [mNm] versus time [s])

Automatic scaling
Real-time display of torque level with colour change when passing predefined thresholds

  • Display of the applied torque on the sensor

  • Absolute torque of maximum peak

  • Absolute peak torque min

  • Average torque of all peaks

  • Recording of cycles

  • Predefined mini and maxi thresholds


Ease of use

A Z slide allows quick adaptation of any type of torque screwdriver.

The aluminium body can accommodate the following sensors:
+ 20 mNm (accuracy ± 0. 02 mNm)
+ 50 mNm (accuracy ± 0. 05 mNm)
+ 100 mNm (accuracy of ±0. 10 mNm

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