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Watch Winding


Bench for measuring riveting torque

This device makes it possible to perform any type of rotating cycle with the possibility of measuring the value of the torque applied for riveting.

A modular and intuitive software interface makes it possible to create different cycles and perform all torque-related production measurements and controls.

Technical characteristic

  • Steerable cycles in torque and position

  • Simple and fast control solution

  • Barcode reader

  • Customer ERP interface

  • Quick Setup

  • Stop and guide for manual adjustment

  • Export data as . txt file

  • Option: display screen for camera


  • Measurement of torque holding:
    Drive axis : Motor + Reducer
    Measuring speed: 0. 1 rpm
    Position resolution : 0. 002°
    Acquisition frequency: 200 Hz
    Result: Maximum torque


Low version: 259 mm x 147 mm x 317 mm
High version: 259 mm x 147 mm x 417 mm


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