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Watch Winding

Winding Lab

Modular fitting bench for all types of crowns

This device is used to wind the movement by means of the crown, correct the date, set the time, etc.


A special software interface enables all torque-related measurements and production checks to be carried out.

Technical specifications

  • Motion arming 

  • Flexible, configurable cycles:

Position (number of revolutions):                               

- Speed (rpm-1)

- Acceleration - Deceleration (rpm2) 

- Configurable MAX torque thresholds 

  • Data acquisition:                             

- Binary results (OK/KO)                                   

- Max torque                            

- Export of various measurements

(max, average, delta torque)

  • Possibility of applying a radial
    on the crown

  • Adapts to all types of crown

  • Customer ERP interface 

  • Quick installation 



Radial force of the linear axis: 5N to 20N


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