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Machine à chocs
Machine à chocs
Impact machine

Shock testing machine from 1 to 10,000 G

Machine à chocs

Impact resistance check

  • Shock created by a "quasi-free" fall of a work trolley against an anvil

  • Programmable trolley impact speed

  • Configurable control cycles

    • Repetition (number of iterations)

    • Starting position of carriage fall (mm)

    • Speed (mm.min-1)

  • Interchangeable contact material

  • Shock created without vibration

  • Impact noise reduced by soundproofing the system

  • Simple and intuitive to use

Machine à chocs 10'000G.png

Vibration suppression

Machine à chocs 1.5.JPG

The special design of the chassis, mounted on silentblocs, totally cancels out the propagation of vibrations generated by impact.



The entire machine is soundproofed with pyramid-shaped acoustic foam to absorb noise at both low and high frequencies.



A modular positioning table allows the user to set all types of positions specific to a movement or watch head.


Machine à chocs 1_edited.jpg

Easy access allows the user to place several trays of components to be tested

(test procedure on finished products:

low shocks of 25 to 30 G)


Machine à chocs 1.4.JPG

The parts in direct contact during the impact
between the work carriage and the anvil are
The choice and shape of materials have a direct
influence the intensity of the impact.

Light version 0 - 500 G

Machine à chocs :fonctionalitées

This compact version generates shocks of the order of 0 - 500 G via a pneumatic system. 

A modular workpiece support allows the user to modify the angle of impact on the product.

A touch screen allows you to set the impact frequency and the number of cycles to be performed.

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