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Watch Winding


Measurement and ageing bench for the chronograph function

This device is used to measure and control the force on watch movements.


A special software interface enables all torque-related measurements and production controls to be carried out.

Technical specifications

  • Test under pressure

  • Adjustable control cycles:
    -Position (number of turns)
    -Speed (r. min-1)
    -Acceleration - Deceleration (rpm2)
    -Adjustable MAX torque thresholds


  • Data Acquisition:
    -Binary results (OK/KO)
    -Torque threshold max
    -Export of different measurements (max torque,
    -Two possible movement procedures: position to be reached (mm) and force to be reached (N)
    -Rapid interchangeability of trays
    -Customer ERP interface
    -Simple and fast control solution


  • Accuracy of the measured force: +/- 0. 5 N


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